Leading with Style for Senior Living Professionals

If you have come to this page you are likely reading Leading with Style for Senior Living Professionals. The Aureon Leadership and Talent Development team provides training and coaching for hundreds of senior living leaders across the United States. Leading with Style training is the foundation of our training curriculum.
  • Understanding your SOCIAL STYLE will change the way you lead, impact your people and serve your residents.

  • Understanding the SOCIAL STYLE of your people will allow you to give them what they need to confidently achieve results.
The 1st step in understanding your Style is to complete the SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Profile. Your cost to complete the Self-Perception Profile is $47 and upon completion you will receive your results, as well as the as a PDF of the Improving Managerial Effectiveness with Versatility Concepts Guide.

Leading with Style for Senior Living Professionals.
About the Authors
Jason Kiesau

Jason Kiesau

As the Leadership and Talent Development Manager for Aureon™, Jason travels the country working with leaders in all areas of self-management, relationship building, strategic thinking, and development of high performing teams. 


John Myers

John Myers

John is an expert in leadership and management development, sales force effectiveness, organization development, and human resources issues. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of TRACOM Group, he has led the development of the SOCIAL STYLES® model.


Questions? Email Jason at Jason.Kiesau@Aureon.com