HR Expertise Leads to Greater Impact in Lives of Children

YESS, Iowa’s premier provider of emergency services for youth, finds HR solution after partnering with Aureon. 

As Iowa’s largest and most comprehensive provider of emergency services for youth, newborn through age 17, Youth Emergency Services & Shelter (YESS) touches the lives of more than 2,200 children each year through a range of programs, including emergency shelter, crisis nursery care, crisis intervention and stabilization, mental health counseling and therapy, and care coordination. YESS is a nationally-accredited nonprofit organization that meets the physical, mental, and social health needs of children and creates an environment where families can thrive. Their unique combination of services does not exist elsewhere in Iowa, allowing the agency to uniquely serve the community’s most vulnerable children.

“Aureon stepped up at a very difficult time for Team YESS, and we appreciate their ongoing support. Aureon’s customer service, knowledge, and expertise in HR-related matters allows our staff to put focus where it belongs — keeping kids safe in our community.”
Stephen Quirk, YESS CEO


In 2012, YESS suffered a personal and professional loss when its Business Operations Director suddenly passed away. As the business began to recover, it recognized a gap in payroll and employee benefit expertise that was left vacant. YESS acknowledged a need for additional resources from outside of the company to further support these general HR activities.


As a growing organization with 150 employees, YESS sought a reliable HR resource that would fill a knowledge gap. When YESS partnered with Aureon, a solution was created. Aureon offered YESS an army of experts to provide quality HR support. With Aureon in the picture, payroll and benefits expertise was accessible. Additionally, YESS had access to a broader benefits package that offered top-notch coverage, including many options previously unavailable. Beyond payroll and employee benefits, Aureon’s HR experts are accessible whenever YESS needs them. By providing a host of HR solutions, Aureon established itself as a team of experienced professionals who offer the best possible service for YESS.


Since making the decision to partner with Aureon, YESS has benefited greatly from outsourcing its HR department. With a wider range of benefit options than before — complete with low premiums — cost-savings on insurance has had a strong impact on YESS and its employees. Along with saving money, YESS has also been able to save time in keeping up with HR matters and regulations. Now they can keep focus on what they do best — caring for children.

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