Contract Staffing Services Frees Up Time and Resources

DHI Group, Inc. uses staffing services to fill several key positions. 

DHI Group, Inc. provides professionals and companies with insights and relevant connections in technology, security clearance, financial services, energy, healthcare, and hospitality. By compiling relevant and current data, it helps its customers understand their workforce and careers. With services and positions in ten countries, DHI Group, Inc.’s mission is to make an impact in people’s lives all across the globe.

“The reason why we stay with Aureon Staffing is mainly the reliability. They’re great people to work with, and they are timely and responsive – all the things you want to see in a staffing company.”
Angela Sharp, Human Resources Manager, DHI Group, Inc.


While DHI Group, Inc. does most of its recruiting itself, they realized the need for some extra help in regards to their contract and contract-to-hire job positions. Their recruiters didn’t have the time or capacity to work on hiring both permanent and contract employees, leaving a gap in their recruiting process.

“We needed assistance with hiring positions within our marketing lead generation team and our user experience/customer support team,” said Angela Sharp, Human Resources Manager.

DHI Group, Inc. began to look for a local staffing company that could help them hire talent for their contract positions.


DHI Group, Inc. chose to partner with Aureon Staffing in 2005, partly because of their reputation and impact in Des Moines. Since then, they’ve stayed loyal because Aureon Staffing continues to provide quality service time and time again.

“The reason why we stay with Aureon Staffing is mainly the reliability,” explained Sharp. “They’re great people to work with, and they are timely and responsive – all the things you want to see in a staffing company.”

DHI Group, Inc. reveals that it all came down to timing.

“We were looking for someone that could give us a very quick turnaround, and Aureon Staffing delivers on our needs every time,” said Sharp.

Aureon Staffing was able to provide qualified candidates within one to two days of DHI Group, Inc.’s initial request.

“Aureon makes it a quick and easy process, and we found that their bill rate is very competitive,” said Sharp. “This has given us a pipeline when it comes to entry-level roles, and that’s very important to us.”

Due to Aureon Staffing’s success in helping DHI Group, Inc. hire contract and contract-to-hire positions, many of the employees have gone on to full-time positions within the organization.


Because Aureon Staffing helped DHI Group, Inc. fill several different positions, DHI Group, Inc.’s recruiters have more time to work on other pressing matters.

“It really does free up a lot of our recruiters’ time, so that they can focus on the roles that are harder to fill,” said Sharp.

Overall, the partnership has allowed for DHI Group, Inc. to more effectively recruit and retain talent, and it’s helped the departments that needed the employees to run more smoothly and stay on target.

“It’s been very beneficial for us, and Aureon Staffing has been very good at actively listening and understanding our needs and our culture,” said Sharp.

Since they don’t have to worry about their contract staffing needs, the DHI Group, Inc. HR department can focus on building trusting and authentic relationships with employees and managers.

It also allows Sharp to have more time to do what she loves: “I enjoy being a change champion for our organization and helping our HR team move the needle forward on our strategic initiatives, and Aureon Staffing lets me focus on doing just that,” said Sharp.

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