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 Managed IT Services Creates More Uptime, Productivity, and Savings

Tri-County Bank in Nebraska increases uptime and productivity with Aureon’s dedicated IT services for banks. 

The Tri-County Bank (TCB), a community bank with locations throughout Nebraska, focuses on delivering state-of-the-art financial resources and services to benefit their customers, communities, and banking family. They began operations in Stuart, Nebraska in 1945, and have since opened three additional branches. Community is very important to TCB, and each branch location has made it their passion to positively impact the local community and residents. In addition to serving their financial needs, they actively host events and donate time to support community initiatives.

“Leveraging Aureon’s managed IT services enables us to focus our internal resources on core projects and strategic initiatives, and saves us money over the long run.”
Jon Schmaderer, President & CEO, Tri-County Bank


As a bank with multiple locations, TCB was faced with the daunting task of managing a wide range of IT needs. Their technology was growing faster than they had the capacity to manage, and the challenges seemed endless. It became difficult for their internal IT resources to manage everything efficiently. When TCB began experiencing turnover with these resources, the issues compounded. As a result, they began leveraging internal staff, whose primary responsibility was not IT.

“We discovered there were issues that we didn’t have the internal resources or expertise to solve,” said Jon Schmaderer, President & CEO.

TCB’s employees were becoming frustrated because it was taking a long time to resolve issues, and it was impacting their ability to work efficiently.

Ultimately, TCB decided to look at outsourcing their technology needs, instead of managing in-house.


TCB reached out to a few firms, including Aureon, to identify a provider that had experience in their industry and could meet their needs. Aureon was the most experienced and furthest along, in terms of working with banks.

Aureon’s approach was to conduct a technology audit, and the results showed some key areas for improvement.

TCB determined Aureon was a good fit for their business and a solid longterm investment.

Aureon came in and functioned as TCB’s IT department, handling all of their remote and on-site technology support needs. Aureon also provided many security-related benefits, such as system patching and firewall protection.


After partnering with Aureon, TCB has experienced many crucial benefits, including an increase in uptime and system availability. System uptime is critical to TCB, and it enables them to effectively serve their customers throughout the day.

“When we brought Aureon on board, our security was enhanced and backups were more reliable,” said Schmaderer. “We’ve also had very little downtime, which allows us to make better use of our time and be more productive day to day.”

Overall, TCB has experienced a major shift in the right direction with their technology. Aureon has enabled TCB to focus their time on core processes and customer service, instead of managing technology.

“This allows us to spend time at what we’re good at, which is delivering financial services to our customers, community projects, and helping the local economy through banking,” said Schmaderer. “We experience less issues with Aureon, and when we do have issues, they get resolved quicker,” said Schmaderer.

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