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 Contact Center Solutions Boosted Bottom Line and Overall Efficiency

Overland Park, Kansas-based financial planning firm cuts costs while improving customer service so advisors can focus on what they do best.


Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, Waddell & Reed is a publicly traded asset management and financial planning firm. For nearly 80 years, Waddell & Reed has provided proven investment and planning services to individuals and institutional investors all across the country.


With a central campus consisting of 1,200 team members, and an additional 2,500 independent advisors nationwide, Waddell & Reed was looking for a trusted partner to improve on the performance of their in-house help desk. With up to 4,000 employee calls per month, they struggled with timely, accurate responses to customer inquiries. The company’s advisors relied heavily on the help desk for everything from updating customer information to technical assistance, so slow response times and lack of immediate action were especially problematic.


Waddell & Reed wasn’t merely looking for a phone answering service. They needed a provider who was flexible, accountable and responsive; who knew the value of building and maintaining relationships. Knowing that their in-house help desk was not the solution, they turned to Aureon™ Contact Center, an experienced, respected and U.S.-based outsourced contact center for answers.

Aureon sent a team to Waddell & Reed’s Overland Park headquarters to receive training, immerse themselves in their business and familiarize themselves with the client’s needs firsthand. From there, Aureon became Waddell & Reed’s trusted contact center partner, handling all tier 1 support calls from one of Aureon’s four Iowa-based contact centers.

Working closely with Waddell & Reed to redefine their key performance indicators, Aureon Contact Center was able to provide an immediate and quantifiable impact, increasing average speed of answer, reducing abandon rates and improving immediate need services. Their flexible and adaptable solutions, coupled with their white-glove customer service proved to be a boon to Waddell & Reed – who was now able to focus their resources and time on running their core business.


Since partnering with Aureon, Waddell & Reed has experienced the following results:

  • Average speed of answer decreased from three and a half minutes to under 35 seconds.
  • Calls no longer go to voicemail.
  • First-call resolution significantly increased.
  • Calls answered reached an all-time high of 96 percent.

The impact has affected the bottom line as well: Waddell & Reed estimate that they saved nearly 25 percent on the time and costs associated with recruiting, onboarding and managing internal staff. Thanks to the expertise and client intimacy that Aureon provides, the advisors at Waddell & Reed now work more efficiently than ever before.


“Aureon provides us with the responsiveness, adaptability and work ethic that allows us to stay focused on running our business. There is immense value in working with genuine relationship builders and Aureon really hits the mark.”

— Anthony Goble, ITSM Manager, Waddell & Reed

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