Simpler Is Better: HR and Technology Solutions Reduce Complexities

Iowa Illinois Safety Council, a nonprofit safety organization, reduces technology complexities and simplifies HR processes with Aureon’s services, allowing them to focus on safety training and awareness initiatives. 

Accidents and injuries are a fairly common occurrence in the workplace. Some tend to be unavoidable, however many can be prevented with better training or safety regulations.

The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council’s (IISC) purpose is to help organizations, industries, and people avoid accidents and injuries by providing safety information, seminars, and services. IISC also helps their 1,200 members comply with safety laws and guidelines and keeps them up to date on the changing regulations. Through safety trainings and awareness programs, they help organizations be more effective, profitable, and productive by establishing a safe environment that reduces injuries and accidents.

“The best part of my job is helping people. I like to see people improve their performance and reduce the number of injuries. Aureon has allowed me to focus solely on making that happen.”
Adam Lathrop, Executive Director, IISC


Several years ago, IISC realized there were certain human resource (HR) and technology functions being handled in-house that were becoming too complex for them to manage.

When it came to the complexities of employee benefit administration, IISC discovered a need for new resources, options, and expertise, because they wanted to provide better benefits to their employees. Payroll management also became an overwhelming task for internal staff as the amount of paperwork and onboarding increased. This was taking their focus off growing their members and developing new safety programs.

In addition to dealing with HR challenges, IISC was also without an internal IT staff member. Their technology needs were growing everyday, and they realized they needed a reliable IT resource. There were times when the network was slow, or someone’s email wasn’t working, and they lacked the expertise to handle those situations. As a result, it made sense to consider outsourcing to experts, instead of hiring and managing an internal resource.

“There’s no way we could do benefits, payroll, and IT services on our own,” said Adam Lathrop, Executive Director of IISC.


IISC decided to partner with Aureon so they could work with a single provider to meet all their needs.

“On the HR side, Aureon has helped simplify the onboarding process for new employees,” said Lathrop. “Our payroll and direct deposit is set up and in place, which makes everything easy and efficient.”

Prior to Aureon, it was incredibly complicated to manage all the forms and paperwork required for new hires.

“Getting someone signed up with insurance and benefits was time-consuming and sometimes error-prone,” said Lathrop. “Having a partner that specializes in this really helps and saves a lot of time.”

Additionally, IISC doesn’t have to worry about the complex world of regulations.

“Aureon’s expertise in areas, such as the Affordable Care Act, overtime laws, and other business regulations takes a big weight off our shoulders,” said Lathrop.

As for technology, Aureon came in and became their IT department, setting them up on a reliable network and providing maintenance, projects, and day-to-day support.

“We aren’t spending time trying to figure out what’s wrong with our network, email, or why someone’s computer is slow,” said Lathrop. “Having Aureon’s technical support is very beneficial to us.”

Having Aureon’s technology services has been cost-effective in the long run, as it eliminates the need to pay for, or manage, additional employees.

“We are a fairly small organization and really don’t need a full-time IT person on staff,” explained Lathrop. “Leveraging Aureon is a more cost-effective and efficient solution for us.”


The benefit of working with Aureon has led to many improvements for IISC. Most importantly, it’s allowed them to focus on other aspects of their organization, such as special projects, programs, training, and growing their membership.

“If we were consumed by HR and technology issues every day, we wouldn’t have time to work on customer-focused initiatives, such as bringing in a new simulator for our trainings and demonstrations,” explained Lathrop.

IISC has also seen the benefit of using a single provider, especially when they moved to a new building in September 2016.

“Having one provider for internet, voice, and IT creates a more seamless experience,” said Lathrop. “This was extremely helpful during a recent office move.”

Overall, using Aureon’s HR and technology solutions has saved IISC valuable time, which is put toward their mission of helping organizations and industries become safer.

“Leveraging Aureon’s services frees us up to focus on projects that benefit the community,” said Lathrop. For example, IISC developed a program with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to create a class about the essentials of safety. The program ran for five months, and helped people with little safety experience learn the basics of a safety program.

IISC has also focused on enhancing their video streaming platform, which is now available to all their members.

“The best part of my job is helping people,” explained Lathrop. “I like to see people improve their performance and reduce the number of injuries. Aureon has allowed me to focus solely on making that happen.”

IISC has come to realize the importance of being able to grow their business and not worry about all the other “behind-the-scenes” functions.

“Aureon is essential to helping us grow and fulfill our mission,” said Lathrop.

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