New Human Resources Approach Creates Improved Workplace Culture

KidsTLC, changes their human resources services to save money, time, and enhance their workplace culture.


KidsTLC, an Olathe-based nonprofit pediatric mental health center, transforms thousands of children’s lives every year in Kansas and across the U.S. By providing psychiatric treatment, outpatient behavioral health, autism and parent support programs, and homeless outreach to teens, KidsTLC seeks to enrich and fulfill the lives of children and their families.


KidsTLC had been managing their own human resources department, but when the human resources leader left, they decided to see if there was an alternative solution to hiring a replacement. During this process, KidsTLC realized that their human resources required more than a replacement; it required a culture change.

“The easy solution would’ve been to hire a new leader and move on, but I saw an opportunity to do it differently and hopefully better,” said Gordon Docking, President and CEO.

After reviewing their options, KidsTLC decided to look into outsourcing their human resources department, and interviewed several outsourcing companies.

“I was initially very skeptical about outsourcing, but when I interviewed Aureon, I saw the high level of professionalism and the numerous advantages of outsourcing,” said Mark Siegmund, Chief Clinical and Operations Officer.

KidsTLC was looking for a partner to provide them with everything from health benefits to recruiting and onboarding, as well as experts that could assist them through any human resources issues.

“Ultimately, we needed so much human resources support that one individual wouldn’t have the depth that Aureon has provided to us,” said Mary Lynn Thomas, CFO.


In the end, KidsTLC chose Aureon as their human resources partner, which gave them immediate access to Aureon’s human resources experts and solutions.

“Before Aureon, we did everything. Now our health benefits are through Aureon, and they help us with everything from recruiting to onboarding, training, and all of the human resources issues that we deal with here on a daily basis,” said Docking.

Not only were Aureon’s solutions a good fit, but so were their values and culture.

“Aureon’s professionalism and kindness integrated perfectly with our team, and they hit the ball out of the park right away,” said Heidi Wooten, Chief Development Marketing Officer. “The expertise Aureon’s team provides gives me a sigh of relief, because I know I can call them any day, at any time, and I don’t have to worry.”

KidsTLC worked very closely with a Kansas City-based Aureon HR professional and a team of professionals in the Aureon corporate office, which has given them the trust and expertise they needed.

“Having Aureon as our partner offers us a level of objectivity and expertise that is critical to small to medium-sized companies that are more relationally-based,” said Siegmund. “Aureon’s experts have been a marvelous addition to the team.”

Overall, Aureon’s guidance and support has let KidsTLC handle complex issues with ease.

“We are very pleased with the support staff, their expertise and knowledge, and their understanding of what we need and the solutions we have to work with,” said Mary Lynn Thomas.

Aureon’s solutions and team of experts enabled KidsTLC to recruit more talent, more effectively.

“We were having a hard time recruiting, because our salary structure was out of whack,” explained Docking. “Because of Aureon’s professionals, we got a great deal of help in changing our salary structure and hiring process. We immediately reaped the benefits and high-quality talent started coming to us again, and that’s all because of the great support we get from Aureon.”


Since choosing Aureon, KidsTLC has seen major changes and benefits with their human resources services and overall operations.

“The bottom line is we’re saving with Aureon, because we’ve reduced positions in our human resources department and had a tremendous amount of savings from our health insurance benefits, all while dramatically increasing the quality of our human resources services,” explained Docking.

Aureon’s human resources solutions has also eased the workload of KidsTLC employees.

“It’s taken about 30 percent of my workload off of me that I can now reallocate to doing what we do best,” said Siegmund.

“Once we got through the initial transition, everything became calmer, and now getting payroll is done faster than ever before,” explained Thomas.

The changes have also had a major impact on their employees, personally and professionally.

“I think the morale here is at an all-time high, and that’s thanks to Aureon,” said Siegmund. “Aureon also enabled us to offer a new level of national certification for youth-level workers that’s transferrable across the country, and that’s huge for our employees." 

“Aureon has eliminated a tremendous amount of pressure, because I now have total confidence in the HR services that we receive from them,” said Docking.

With Aureon, KidsTLC can do more, because they don’t have to concentrate constantly on their human resources functions. KidsTLC has always focused on the kids, but didn’t always focus on the staff. With Aureon, KidsTLC can improve the workplace culture for their employees, making it a better place to work.

“Now we don’t have to worry about the human resources part; all we have to do is focus on the children in the community that need our help, and that’s life-changing for us and for the kids,” said Wooten.

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