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 Long-Term Technology Relationship Aides UCS Healthcare With Growth And Mobility

With technology support and expertise ranging from security to cloud and internet services, Aureon has been there every step of the way. 

United Community Services (UCS) Healthcare is a nonprofit organization that has been offering physical and behavioral health care services to the public since 1995. UCS Healthcare is considered a full behavioral and family practice clinic, treating anyone in the community who needs mental health or primary health services. Their mission is to give hope for healing and well-being with their comprehensive health care services.

UCS Healthcare has three locations and approximately 66 employees that range from certified counselors to licensed mental health therapists, nurses, and physicians.


Technology is a critical component to UCS Healthcare’s daily business operations. It is at the center of everything they do including patient services, managing medical records, billing, and office communications. In addition, it’s essential for them to keep patient data confidential and protected at all times.

Over the years, they have relied heavily on Aureon to meet their day-to-day needs and manage employee growth and office expansion. As UCS Healthcare has grown, so has the number of applications and systems. For example, they converted to electronic health records (EHR) and medical dosing software. The amount of systems and data became increasingly complex and fragmented. UCS Healthcare needed a provider that could help streamline processes, along with protecting data, enabling mobility, and enhancing business continuity. In addition, UCS Healthcare needed a reliable partner for day-to-day IT support for their administrative and medical staff.


“Aureon started by providing us with basic IT services and support, they took care of our computer systems and hardware, and helped troubleshoot issues,” explained Mike Polich, Chief Executive Officer, UCS Healthcare. “With Aureon, we’ve become more efficient and stable, which has been extremely beneficial.”

Aureon also helped UCS Healthcare with their network and data security and mobility by leveraging Aureon’s cloud services for application hosting within the Aureon Data Center.

“Being in the health care business, it’s very important that our data is safe,” said Polich. “Aureon has done a perfect job of helping us remain secure by managing our backups and data security needs.”

“Aureon’s cloud has been instrumental in giving us the ability to work from anywhere and at anytime,” said Polich. “Our employees, doctors, and nurses are able to look at a record wherever they are–securely and efficiently.”

Business continuity and system availability (uptime) are also important factors for UCS Healthcare, as they rely on their servers and technology to serve patients. The Aureon Cloud Suite gave UCS Healthcare redundant servers and a warm disaster recovery site to keep them up and running if a disaster ever occurs.

“The most important thing to us is to keep our systems up and running,” explained Polich. “We serve 544 patients every day, and if our systems are not available, things can get out of control. Having Aureon back us up with redundant servers and the ability to get us back online in minutes or hours is essential to the way we do business.”

Another area that Aureon helped UCS Healthcare improve was their communications platform. “Aureon provides network services for our three locations, which gives us an integrated and secure method for communications and sharing data,” said Polich. “We’ve been able to expand and grow because of the data and internet connectivity Aureon provides us.”

In addition, UCS Healthcare looked beyond Aureon’s technology services and used their staffing services to help fill an open position with a qualified candidate quickly.

“It seems like whatever it is we need we just say, ‘call Aureon!’ whether it’s HR, staffing, or technology-related,” said Polich. “Aureon is a source of support, and we’ve become dependent on the great services and information they provide us.”


Over the years, UCS Healthcare has expanded and grown, and Aureon has been there every
step of the way.

“We have always scaled quickly as needs arose, and by using Aureon, we’ve been able to expand to a new location or add a service efficiently,” said Polich.

As UCS Healthcare continues to provide quality health care services to their patients, they’re looking to the future with Aureon when it comes to their technology.

“Aureon staff assists with the development of our annual technology plans, which helps us define a road map for leveraging technology to support growth and change,” said Polich.

By assisting with these plans, Aureon has alleviated the technology burden off of UCS Healthcare and allowed them to spend more time focusing on their core health services.

Because UCS Healthcare leverages Aureon end-to-end, they haven’t had to hire and manage IT personnel, which equates to a varying degree of cost savings each year.

Utilizing Aureon has also given UCS Healthcare access to a team of technology experts to assist with their projects and needs.

“Aureon listens and responds to whatever we ask for,” explained Polich. “We know the expertise is there and we feel like they can help us through anything.”

UCS Healthcare’s next project is to provide medication units throughout the state of Iowa in treatment care facilities. These units will deliver medications to people who are suffering from addictions, in an effort to respond to the growing opioid epidemic.

“The only way we’ll be able to accomplish this project is with the infrastructure we have put in place with Aureon,” said Polich. “Aureon enables us to plan for the future and roll out these medication units seamlessly.”

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